KMAP Capital Ltd. is a young, Innovative and dynamic, Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) driven by Highly experienced but energetic management team in pursuit of achieving the vision of the organization – to drive Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Helping MSME businesses to establish and grow.

We are committed to provide a healthy working environment, which is vibrant, informal and most importantly allowing to explore and establish each individual’s capability. We are highly performance driven but allow room for people to learn and develop. Mutual respect and recognition is our way of life.

We believe that ” Team performance is the best performance”. Hence we work as a team and collaborate rather than giving too much importance to individual achievement though individual differences and performance is still appreciated and rewarded.

Our Rewards and Recognition program is based on fair pay based on competencies and performance. A mixed use of fixed and variable pay combination is used to ensure enough day to day affordability and a right incentive for overachieving the objectives.

We highly believe in continuous Learning and Development of our team to make sure they are best suited to tackle any opportunity be it work related or on personal front.